Campus and Community Peer Educators trained in the March of Dimes Prematurity Campaign.

You can become a part of the solution by investing in the iDREAM Institute, a critical program that is dedicated to shaping the next generation of health advocates and professionals working with mothers and babies throughout the course of their lives.


iDREAM for Racial Health Equity Case For Support:

Black babies are dying…and it’s not for the reasons you think. Black family health is broken. This is an emergency!

Stress is the trigger for chronic illness while babies struggle to live inside the womb. Stress acts like a time tomb…ticking…waiting to explode. Did you know that the weathering effect of racism ages the body 10 years?  The March of Dimes reports in LA County that one in 8 women is more likely to have a preterm birth. For Black women, it’s one in 5.

iDREAM for Racial Health Equity provides leadership, training and advocacy, a model informed by research and guided by an inter-generational network. We say “ENOUGH” to the trend of black babies dying.

Mika’s son was born at 33 weeks gestation. He weighed 3lbs 6 oz. Meridith’s daughter lived in the NICU for five months. She died the day before her first birthday. After treatment for renal failure, Nakeisha discovered that she was 32 weeks pregnant. My mother and grandmother battled with hypertension. Their health histories shaped mine. At 19 years old, my son was born healthy. Nine years later, I was treated for high blood pressure. My doctor intervened and added 30 years to my life.

In 1992, the New England Journal of Medicine compared birth outcomes for Black and White college grads. In 2008, the Unnatural Causes documentary revealed a disturbing fact. Black mothers with a college degree are 3 times more likely to have worse birth outcomes than White mothers who dropped out of high school.

You can become a part of the USC/iDREAM Summer Enrichment Program collaboration. Your commitment will provide a one-week boot camp training valued at $5,000 per student located at the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy. Your donation will underwrite one of 12 first-generation undergraduates and high school students  to examine health equity for Black mothers and babies. Your financial gift continues their year-round skill-building, mentoring and professional networking in collaboration with the USC Diversity in Healthcare Leadership Initiative for emerging health and nonprofit leaders.