Summer Leadership Institute 2016

MillennialLeadersThe iDREAM Summer Learning Institute is a five-day boot camp that develops students around critical solutions to eliminate Black infant mortality. Millennial high school and college students who are ¬†underrepresented, underserved and first-generation undergraduates engage in the transformative “skill-building” cohort.

The Summer Learning Institute is ideal for high juniors, seniors and undergraduates with inter-disciplinary majors. The week consists of interactive and strategy-based learning from faculty, practitioners and student peers who are dedicated to advancing the iDREAM mission. Students are introduced to critical decision-making and problem-solving skills around:

    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Collaborative Teams
    • Virtual Learning
    • Leadership Reflection

Successful completion of the Summer Learning Institute qualifies alumni ambassadors to serve on the iDREAM Millennial Leaders Advisory Council. Students provide critical solutions and feedback for the organization’s fundraising, outreach and program initiatives. Alumni ambassadors also have access to mentoring, community service, internships and professional networking through the USC Diversity in Healthcare Leadership Initiative and collaboration with iDREAM.


iDREAM 2016 SLI Application Paacket
iDREAM 2016 -HGH SCHOOL STUDENTS – SLI Application with Cover Page