Consult The Research

The New England Journal of Medicine uncovered the story long ago. Consult these links for additional research… “When the Bough Breaks,” Unnatural Causes, Healthy People 2020, “Race,Stress and Social Support: Addressing the Crisis in the Black Infant Mortality, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies Health Policy Institute, ‘Mortality Among Infants of Black As Compared with White College-Educated Parents, The New England Journal of Medicine, Office of Minority Health, “Ethnic Health Assessment for African Americans in California, California¬† Black Health Network,

Mika’s Story

In 2005, two months after completing all the course work for my Masters in Special Education and returning to my second year as a High School Special Ed. Science teacher, my husband and I began escrow on our first home. We also found out that we were pregnant with our first child! Everything was falling into place and going completely according to my masterful plan. We felt truly blessed. We moved into our beautiful new home only to discover that there was a gas leak and mold that required us to leave the house while it was being repaired. So

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